Eye to Eye is a television production company offering you the very best in DRTV, fundraising and communication services.

Our background is in documentary and factual programming.

For over twenty years we have reported on the urgent social issues facing our world.

Now we specialise in helping organisations raise the resources they need to achieve change.

Eye to Eye TV Mike Craven Todd

Mike Craven Todd


Mike began as a focus puller on commercials before joining Granada TV in 1986 as a lighting cameraman. Over the past twenty years he has worked on a wide spectrum of television programmes, from anthropological films in the remotest parts of the world to fast moving fly on the wall observational documentaries and drama. He is decisive, good humoured and quick – an essential quality in today's busy production schedules.

Eye to Eye TV Andrew Guy

Andrew Guy

Director / Producer

Andrew started his TV career as a researcher / assistant producer working in factual programmes and undercover investigations. He co-founded Eye to Eye in 1989 and has overseen the company's growth in the not-for-profit sector. He is responsible for all client contact and ensures the production process runs smoothly and successfully.